Poland seeks 'middle of the road' strategy amid pandemic - PM

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

The Polish government has a plan of how to fight the coronavirus pandemic depending on how the situation unfolds, but wants to strike a balance between protecting the health and lives of citizens and supporting the economy, PM Mateusz Morawiecki told the press.

In an interview published by the Gazeta Polska weekly on Wednesday, Morawiecki said that "everyone should realise that their actions may influence the epidemic situation in the country. Both in the positive and negative sense." He also appealed to society to strictly observe the restrictions to stem the spread of coronavirus.

Morawiecki said the growing infection rate is the weakest link in the healthcare policy.

The government's latest restrictions shut down fitness centres, cafes and restaurants. Providing the rationale for the decision, the prime minister quoted epidemiologists who claim those places posed an increased risk of infections. However, the government has prepared a support package for those sectors that will be affected most by the coronavirus pandemic, Morawiecki said.

He also promised that the fitness sector could be reopened if the rate of infections fell within the coming weeks.