Poland second only to USA in production of motor yachts

Poland manufactures nearly 22,000 yachts every year. Our specialty is yachts with a length of up to nine metres, Michal Bak, secretary general of the Polish Chamber of the Yacht Industry and Water Sports, has told PAP.

Bak, who is also a Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) expert in the 'Brand' programme added that Poland is the second largest producer in this category after the United States. 

As he noted, Polish entrepreneurs will mainly present their offer for luxury yachts during the upcoming Dubai International Boat Show which starts on February 27.

"The United Arab Emirates is a good market with good purchasing power," said Bak. He added that over the past few years, Dubai has been a very important heading for luxury yachts. The HTEP Polska shipyard in Gdansk, which mainly produces motor and sail catamarans under the Sunreef Yachts brand, is currently building its factory in Dubai, and is counting on the fact that this market will be rapidly growing over the next few years. The scale of orders from this region shows it is worth investing in this segment," he said.

He emphasized that not only Galeon's large motor yachts and Sunreef’s catamarans will be exhibited at the fair. "Thanks to the PAIH support programme, smaller companies like Parker Poland and LaMare, a producer of so-called houseboats, will also appear, as well as Deep Ocean Technology, a Tri-City (metropolitan area in Poland consisting of three cities in Pomerania: Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot) company that designed the first underwater hotel," he said.

As Bak pointed out, the United Arab Emirates is not "the main export direction for the Polish industry." "Our yachts are most often purchased in Scandinavia and Western Europe, but the UAE is an important avenue in the future, hence our presence at this fair," he explained. He added that after many years of European expansion and the strengthening of its position as a leader in this market, Polish yachts are starting to sail into wider waters. "Our units are already sold in Australia, Japan and China," he said.

He pointed out that in 2017, Polish shipyards produced approximately 20-22,000 units. "We estimate that since 2009, the year-on-year increase in production exceeds ten percent. Mainly these are smaller units, up to 11 metres," he stressed. He added that the largest group of yachts produced in Poland are small motorboats up to 9 meters in length with an outboard engine. "We produce about 17,000 annually, and about 2,000 sailing yachts a year," he informed.

Bak accented that Polish yachts sail in all waters of the world. "It is estimated that every third yacht in European waters was produced in Poland," he emphasized. He added that in Europe, in the most popular segment of motor yachts up to 9 metres with an outboard engine, over 50 percent of the yachts are produced in Poland. 

As he underlined, what distinguishes Polish manufacturers is their high quality and relative price. "We can hope that yachts pave the way for other Polish products on foreign markets, including the Arab ones. Polish units are valued worldwide, which positively affects the image of the entire Polish economy," he concluded.