Poland second biggest producer of raspberries in Europe

Wojciech Pacewicz/PAP

Poland is the second largest producer of raspberries in Europe and the fifth in the world after the Russian Federation, Mexico, Serbia and the United States according to data offered by the National Support Centre for Agriculture.

Poland produces some 100,000 tonnes of raspberries each year. A large part of the fruit is exported.

Raspberries, after strawberries and currants, are the third most grown type of berry in Poland in terms of area and annual crops.

Poland's share in world raspberry production reaches some 13 percent, and in EU production it exceeds 50 percent.

In recent years, the overall size of raspberry plantations in Poland reaches some 27-29 thousand hectares with crop, depending on the weather conditions, producing from 105,000 tonnes up to 129,000 tonnes.

Raspberries are mainly grown in the Lublin province, south-west Poland, where about 70 percent of all plantations are located. The great popularity of growing raspberries is attributed to their health properties, taste and demand from the processing industry.

A large part of Polish raspberry harvest is exported. In 2018, Poland exported 49,000 thousand tonnes of raspberries, mainly in frozen form. Frozen raspberries were mainly exported to Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and France.