Poland says has proof Belarus helps push migrants across border

Poland's special services have acquired evidence that Belarusian government structures are "heavily involved" in transporting groups of migrants to the Polish-Belarusian border, a Polish special services spokesman has said.

Speaking to Polish public Radio Three on Thursday, Stanislaw Zaryn said that the Belarusian services act as "migrant guides" right to the Polish border.

"We also have proof that official Belarusian structures are heavily involved in transporting groups of migrants to the Polish-Belarusian border," Zaryn said.

"All of this indicates and proves that Belarusian state services are involved in the attempt to destabilise the Polish-Belarusian border," he added.

Zaryn also said that currently Poland sees about 200 attempts to illegally cross its border from Belarus daily.

"The numbers clearly show that we're dealing with building artificial migration pressure on Poland," the spokesman said.

Since the beginning of September, the border guard has reported close to 5,000 attempts of illegal entry from Belarus.

Poland and the Baltic countries have accused the Belarusian government of pushing migrants, most of them from the Middle East, across their borders in an effort to destabilise both its neighbours and the EU.

To stop the flow of migrants into the country, Poland recently erected a fence along its border with Belarus and declared a state of emergency in some border regions.