Poland safe but tension around Ukraine dangerous - minister

We may be dealing with another Russian-Ukrainian conflict at any moment, Polish president's aide has said commenting on the situation around Ukraine.

"The situation is indeed very tense," Szczerski told TVP Info public television on Sunday.

According to the minister, Russia "is trying to stop the process of opening NATO to Ukraine" and "is using the army for political purposes, to put pressure on Ukraine." "This can very easily get out of hand," assessed the head of the president's Bureau for International Affairs.

Commenting on the security situation in Central Europe Szczerski said that Poland "has strong allied guarantees, we have allied armies in Poland, so (...) we are safe, but the political situation is not safe."

Meanwhile, Zbigniew Konwinski, an MP of the opposing Civic Coalition said the opposition is ready to cooperate with the government in case of a breakout of a new conflict east of Poland.

"When it comes to security, we should absolutely speak with one voice," said Konwinski.

"... we can see that something is happening again at the Russian-Ukrainian border and there is a real need for joint action, not only within our country, but within the European Union and the North Atlantic Pact," he said.