Poland runs over 255,500 projects thanks to EU funds in last 16 years

Poland joined the European Union on May 1, 2004. Mateusz Marek/PAP

In the 16 years of Poland's membership of the European Union, the country has implemented over 255,500 investments co-financed from EU funds, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy Malgorzata Jarosinska-Jedynak has told PAP.

Poland joined the European Union on May 1, 2004. Summarizing 16 years of Poland’s participation in the EU, Jarosinska-Jedynak noted that the total value of EU funds granted to Poland is PLN 625 billion (EUR 137.6 billion).

She said that currently, the Polish government is negotiating another EU budget, and that the county still has approximately PLN 30-40 billion (EUR 6.6-8.8 billion) left to use.

"Today, to strengthen the operation of the government's anti-crisis shield, we are spending this money on fighting the coronavirus and mitigating its effects. But also on investments that allow many companies to survive the pandemic tsunami and to recover from this destructive wave," she said.

The minister also observed that "the numbers speak for themselves," given the fact that Poland has paid over EUR 58.5 billion into the EU budget and received almost EUR 181.5 billion from it. "Since May 2004, we are almost EUR 123 billion ahead," she said.

"Membership in the European Union and the opportunities offered to us by EU funds are not only built or renovated roads, schools, sewage treatment plants, modernised farms and companies, new jobs or trained employees. The implementation of programmes co-financed from EU funds also affects the way of conducting development policy. It is associated with the dissemination of the principle of partnership, dialogue between central administration and local governments, representatives of employers' organisations, trade unions and NGOs," Jarosinska-Jedynak said.

In her view, 16 years in the EU have also been also an opportunity for Poland to influence the international decisions, and successfully invest European funds. "The level of development of our country is approaching richer Community countries," the minister noted.