Poland resumes international flights

On Wednesday, international passenger air traffic resumed to and from Poland after a three-month break due to the COVID-19 epidemic, airlines and airports have introduced new guidelines to ensure the safe transport of passengers.

Despite lifting restrictions on international flights, due to the regulation of the Council of Ministers published on Tuesday evening, flights from Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sweden and Portugal will be prohibited until June 30.

The document also states that the ban on flights "does not apply to aircraft flying international flights from airports located on the area of a member state of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), parties to the agreement on the European Economic Area, the Swiss Confederation or the EU member state, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Sweden and Portugal."

On Wednesday, Air France and KLM Dutch airlines resume their first flights to Poland after the coronavirus-related restrictions.

Passengers, airlines and airports have been set new guidelines to ensure safe travel, including the wearing of face masks for the duration of the flights, social distancing and hand disinfection. Travellers are also subjected to temperature checks, with an acceptable body temperature permitting boarding of 38 degrees Celsius.

In May, Deputy Infrastructure Minister Marcin Horal announced that Poland would restart passenger air connections in three stages. Domestic flights would be resumed on June 1, European ones would come next while intercontinental flights would be last but only to such destinations where the coronavirus epidemic is under control.