Poland restores flow through damaged oil pipeline

The Polish pipeline operator PERN has restored full functionality of the western section of the Druzhba pipeline carrying crude oil to Germany, PERN said in a news release on Saturday.

The leak was detected on Tuesday on one part of the twin pipeline in Poland's Kujawsko-Pomorskie province, some 70 kilometres from the central city of Plock.

"PERN's technical services on Saturday restored full functionality of the damaged part of the pipeline, which carries oil to the Company's customers in Germany," the company said in a Saturday statement. "Currently, the supplies are being carried out using both pipelines of the Western Section."

"The causes of the leak are being investigated," the company added.

PERN said on Wednesday evening that initial findings showed "no signs of interference by third parties."

On Thursday, the company's technical services had already started repairing the damage.

"PERN services are now cleaning up the area and restoring it to its original condition," the company said on Saturday.