Poland records 153 cases of Delta Covid variant

Leszek Szymański/PAP

One hundred and fifty three cases of the Delta variant of coronavirus have been recorded in Poland, a Ministry of Health spokesman said on Monday.

In a Monday interview with the RMF FM private radio station, Wojciech Andrusiewicz stated that 30 new cases of Delta infection had been detected through sequencing in the last few days. "We now have 153 cases recorded in Poland," he said.

Andrusiewicz said last week in an interview with private broadcaster TVN24 that to date in Poland, 113 cases of the Delta strain had been recorded.

On the subject of what level of Delta infection could be expected given the current level of vaccination, Andrusiewicz said: "If we observe what is happening in Great Britain, Spain, we can talk about such ranges, adjusting them proportionally to the size of the country.

"We hope that an optimistic scenario would be 1,000-3,000 infections and in the pessimistic scenario, if vaccinations stopped, we could go up to 20,000 cases," he continued.

Andrusiewicz went on to state that the current Covid-19 infection rate had stabilised. "The results will not fall like this anymore, so if we stop vaccinating we have the possibility of an increase, unfortunately," he said.

The Ministry of Health reported on Monday that tests had confirmed 44 new cases of Covid-19 nationally and that no Covid patients had died in the past 24 hours.