Poland receives polio vaccines from UNICEF says health minister

Angelika Warmuth/PAP/DPA

As part of an cooperation agreement with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the organization has supplied Poland with vaccines against polio and Hepatitis A, the health minister announced on Friday.

Adam Niedzielski said that the cooperation agreement signed with UNICEF would focus on two main objectives. "First of all, to conduct a campaign that will raise awareness among refugees concerning vaccination timetables and the mandatory vaccinations which must be performed until the ages of 18 or 19," he said, adding that the campaign would start on July 1.

Secondly, it was intended to "encourage people to become interested in vaccination in order to allow for the full-fledged functioning of the refugees, from Ukraine, in our society."

Niedzielski pointed out that there was yet another tangible outcome of this cooperation: "We have received 50,000 polio vaccines."

"We need these vaccinations very much because… we have virtually eliminated this disease from our society," the health minister pointed out. "But, because of the emergence of refugees and their lack of vaccinations… we need to activate vaccine resources and be prepared should the need arise."

Niedzielski said that UNICEF, in additon, was providing vaccines against Hepatitis A. "And this is a replenishment of our inventory that will allow us to safely maintain public health in Poland," he added.