Poland received over EUR 232 bln from EU funds in past 15 years

Poland received over EUR 232 bln from EU funds in past 15 years. Marcin Obara/PAP

Over Poland's 15 years in the EU, it has used – from EU structural funds and Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) – more than PLN 1 trillion (EUR 232 bln), along with a domestic contribution of PLN 375 bln (EUR 87 bln) said Finance Minister Teresa Czerwińska.

The issues of investments and consumption, as important factors driving long-term economic growth, were among the topics of the European Economic Congress launched in Katowice, southern Poland, on Monday.

The head of the Ministry of Finance, who participated in the debate on investments, emphasised that both European and national funds are important in financing investments.

"Both sources are extremely vital. (…) The use of EU funds and their leverage through domestic measures gives excellent results," assessed the minister, pointing out that over the past 15 years, EU funds have contributed to development in various areas of life, as well as market segments.

"Poland is an economy (…) that, on average, is developing three-times faster than other EU member states, therefore, we are using these funds and leveraging these funds, in an extremely effective way," said Czerwińska.

In her summary, the head of the Ministry of Finance pointed out the most important tasks for the future are: "EU funds plus domestic funds, the effective leveraging of capital, and preparation of our administration – at national, local and entrepreneurial levels - for effective absorption of funds in the long-term perspective."

She added that in the following EU financial perspective, Poland will remain the largest beneficiary of European funds, particularly in the area of Cohesion Policy.