Poland ready for regular dialogue with Israel, official assures

Poland is ready to resume a “normal dialogue” with Israel, provided Israel abandons its aggressive policy towards Poland, the Polish deputy foreign minister said on Tuesday.

Polish-Israeli relations have been plunged into crisis owing to new amendments to property restitution laws. The new laws specify that administrative proceedings on nationalised property are terminated, if 30 years have elapsed since a decision was first published.

Israel has claimed the laws are aimed against Jewish claimants on property confiscated by Poland's post-World War Two communist regime.

In response Israel has withdrawn its charge d'affaires from Warsaw, and has asked the Polish ambassador in Israel, currently on vacation in Poland, not to return to Tel Aviv for the time being.

Despite this Pawel Jablonski, the deputy foreign minister, said he hoped the situation could improve.

"This mainly depends on Israel, because it was Israel who destroyed these relations,” he said. “It is Israel that is escalating... the attacks on Poland. We are ready to resume a normal dialogue if only Israel ceases its aggressive policy towards Poland."

He added that Israel's criticism of Poland's new restitution legislation was "detached from this act's true content."