Poland ranks fourth in world for chocolate exports - report

Maciej Kulczyński/PAP

Poland is the world's fourth largest chocolate exporter after Germany, Belgium and Italy, a report published on Tuesday revealed.

The report by Polish chocolate producer Wedel on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of its founding put the value of Poland's overseas chocolate sales at USD 2.1 billion, or 7.3 percent of the global total.

Both the global and domestic chocolate markets are growing despite the coronavirus pandemic, Wedel reported, with the value of exports estimated at USD 106 billion worldwide at the end of last year. A Euromonitor forecast cited in the report predicts the market will be worth USD 133 billion by 2025, a growth of 25 percent.

Statistics on the Polish market show the country's chocolate sector to be in good condition. Citing data from the Nielsen agency, Wedel reported the value of the domestic market to be PLN 7.65 billion (EUR 1.67 billion) in June 2021, up 0.5 percent year on year.

Wedel also reported that in 2020, Poland recorded the fastest growth among global chocolate exporters, reaching 13 percent year on year, more than twice the growth rate of the other market leaders, France (6.8 percent) and Austria (6.6 percent).

The average Pole spends PLN 190 (EUR 41.47) a year on chocolate, according to the Wedel report, and their average annual consumption grew by 30 percent from 4kg in 2007 to 5.2kg currently.

Poland is Central and Eastern Europe's largest chocolate market, Wedel wrote.