Poland ranks 32nd in Responsible Development Index - economic institute

Mateusz Marek/PAP

Poland took 32nd place in the Responsible Development Index (RDI) prepared by the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) to measure the level of development of countries as an alternative to GDP growth, PIE said on Wednesday.

The report showed that the GDP per capita indicator significantly increases the level of development of countries rich in natural resources, and so-called tax havens.

"The ranking of GDP per capita does not take into account the position of countries that care about sustainable socio-economic development and invest in improving the future welfare of their citizens," the report read.

The authors of the report, which covered 159 countries, said Poland is a country "with relatively low income inequalities and a high level of internal security."

The report also noted that the country has the strongest position in terms of current welfare (Pillar I of the Index), which is influenced by "relatively low income inequalities."

Poland ranks in 49th place for "creation of future prosperity (Pillar 2) and non-wage factors (Pillar 3)". According to the analysts, this was due to "relatively low expenditure on research and development, which accounts for 1.03 percent of Poland's GDP (35th in the world) and poor air quality measured by PM 2.5 (76th in the world)".

This year, the PIE index included a component related to responsibility for climate, which is "a measure of the development of countries."

As the experts said, "Poland can boast of an impressive scale of reducing CO2 emissions" (18th place in the world), but we (Poles - PAP) still have a lot to improve in this area."