Poland presents yacht stand at Norwegian trade fair

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) launched for the first time a national stand presenting Poland's yachting and boating sector to foreign recipients at the Norwegian International Boat Show 2019 in Oslo, PAIH has announced.

The event, which lasts from Wednesday to Friday, is one of the largest yacht fairs in Norway and a meeting place for all those with an interest in sailing. During the event, motor boats, sailboats and all kinds of accessories are presented.

According to PAIH, the Polish stand is taking part as a national stand for the first time at the Norwegian fair.

Around 22,000 yachts are produced in Poland annually. The specialty of Polish boatyards are motor yachts with a length of six to nine metres. Poland is the second largest producer of such vessels after the United States. Around 1,000 companies in Poland are involved in the yachting sector. Among the companies active in the sector are producers selling yachts under their own brand, companies producing yachts to order by American, French or Scandinavian boatyards, as well as sub-suppliers and companies selling yachts manufactured by foreign producers.