Poland plans reception base for new wave of refugees from Ukraine

Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

Poland is preparing a reception base for Ukrainian refugees, and also has 100,000 places already available to cope with a possible second refugee wave this winter.

Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy and water infrastructure along with the coming cold weather have prompted fears that Ukrainians may flee westwards this winter. 

Poland is already housing around 1.3 million Ukrainian refugees.

"Minister Pawel Szefernaker (deputy head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, government plenipotentiary for refugees - PAP), Minister Agnieszka Scigaj (Minister for Social Integration - PAP), regional and local government officials will prepare a reception base for a potential wave of refugees in connection with the upcoming winter," Bartosz Grodecki, a deputy interior minister, told the private radio broadcaster RMF FM on Monday morning. 

"We are also conducting talks with the Ukrainian government, because the Ukrainians want these people to stay and we will offer on the spot help." 

As part of this help he said Poland would establish container towns in Ukraine which "will be equipped with heating and power generators."

Addressing the same issue. Agnieszka Scigaj said on Monday that "at the moment there is a briefing with regions, and we are checking all places of collective accommodation and reception points that have already proven themselves."

"We have all of these things worked out, we have prepared procedures and everything is ready," she said, adding that "no one will be left out on the streets."

She said that currently "well over 100,000 (places - PAP)" are ready for use.