Poland orders Covid-19 drugs in bid to save more lives

Archiwum Turczyk/PAP

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday that Poland has already placed orders for Covid-19 drugs that are not yet in circulation and are still awaiting European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval.

At a press conference on Friday Morawiecki said that talks were underway for the fastest possible acquisition of a drug for Covid-19 although he did not name the products.

"There is more and more talk about drugs for Covid-19," he said. "This is good news that is coming in from around the world, but unfortunately the European Medicines Agency has not yet given final approval for the drugs proposed by companies that have already produced them".

"I hope this will happen. Any day, any week now," he continued. "Poland has contracts for these drugs that are not in circulation yet and which I hope will also save a significant number of lives," the PM said.

The Prime Minister added that, in addition, Poland is ordering drugs such as remdesivir, that are already being used in the treatment of some Covid-19 patients.