Poland offers aid to Polish children starting in polish schools in Lithuania

Around 1,000 first-grade pupils and this year's graduates of Polish-language schools in Lithuania have received financial assistance from Poland. School beginners received vouchers totaling nearly EUR 100 and graduates - over EUR 50.

Jozef Kwiatkowski, an official from a Polish school organisation in Lithuania, told PAP on Monday that the money from the 'Aid to Poles in the East' foundation reached Lithuania in late December and has already been handed over to young people."

"This is symbolic support, an expression of gratitude and encouragement," PAP was told by Mikolaj Falkowski, the president of the Aid to Poles in the East foundation. "This increases the attractiveness of Polish schools in Lithuania," he added.

For over four years now, Poland has been spending over PLN 1 million (EUR 243,900) annually to buy new teaching aids for Polish schools in Lithuania.

There are 71 Polish-language schools in Lithuania. They are attended by nearly 12,000 students.