Poland named the biggest recipient of foreign investments in European Union

Over 86,000 new jobs will be created in Poland in effect of 335 direct foreign investments declared in 2017, this is the best result in the European Union, according to a Thursday report by fDI Markets.

According to data presented in the report and quoted by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH), foreign businesses invested almost EUR 13 billion in Poland in 2017.

"Poland has not had such results for at least a decade, that is since the global economic crisis," PAIH President Tomasz Pisula has noted. He added that today "we have better results in attracting investments than in 2007," when the number of projects announced in Poland exceeded three hundred.

In 2017, the number of projects announced by investors increased from 272 to 335. "Particularly noteworthy is the doubling of both the total value of FDI projects (up by 52 pct y/y) and the number of new jobs (up 48 pct y/y), declared by foreign investors," the agency wrote in a press release.
The biggest number of projects was launched in the construction sector (95), the information and communication technologies sector (73) and the automotive branch (49). Investments in the latter are expected to bring the biggest amount of capital to Poland - EUR 2.1 billion.

Polish investment abroad reached EUR 1.14 billion in 2017.