Poland must quickly formulate nuclear energy plans - deputy PM

Poland must make quick decisions on the construction of nuclear power stations, a deputy prime minister has said.

Talking to PAP, Jaroslaw Gowin also said serious talks are underway with several foreign companies, including French ones.

The Polish government plans to construct six nuclear reactors, and have all of them up and running by 2043.

"Poland must quickly take a binding decision regarding the development of nuclear energy," Jaroslaw Gowin told PAP.

"French companies are among the firms with which serious talks are being held," Gowin added. "The French experience is interesting, especially in the field of small modular reactors (SMRs)."

At the same time Gowin said that it was too early to say with whom Poland would choose to develop its nuclear energy.

"Undoubtedly, France is a European nuclear superpower," he added.