Poland may reach EU's average GDP in 10-15 years - PM

Poland has a chance to achieve at least the EU average in terms of per capita GDP in 10-15 years, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said during a meeting in Pelplin, north-west Poland.

According to the prime minister, "we are on the right track" to achieve this goal although it is a "difficult, uphill path, on which we sometimes stumble and make mistakes," a path allowing Poland to become a strong and materially rich country.

PM Morawiecki addressing Pelplin inhabitants on Saturday, emphasized that "real success comes from our hearts, from our will, from the fact that we believe that we must fight for a better Poland, we need to save more and invest more, we must be proud of a better Poland." 

Addressing the question of Poland's external security, the PM stressed that the country must be strong enough to deter its potential opponents and noted that Poland has raised its defence outlays "so much that (...) we could join the best, elite group of NATO countries who buy the best defence equipment."

Here, the PM referred to US President Donald Trump's words during a recent press conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel, that Poland was an exemplary NATO member in view of its adequate defence spending.