Poland may get EUR 3 bln extra for agriculture in EU budget - official

The European Commission (EC) has suggested a EUR 26.5 bln increase in the EU's agriculture budget in 2021-27, of which Poland may get an additional PLN 3 bln, EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said in Warsaw on Friday.

Speaking at a press conference, Wojciechowski made the reservation that the EC's proposals must still be approved by EU member states at an EU summit devoted to the bloc's 2021-27 budget.

"Earlier I was cautiously saying that it's going to be EUR 2 bln, but after calculating it thoroughly and assuming a proportional division of these amounts, it seems that Polish farmers will get EUR 33.5 bln instead of the EUR 30.5 bln planned in 2018," the EU commissioner said.

In the EC's previous proposal, the EU's seven-year agricultural budget was to be EUR 365 bln, but the figure has now risen to EUR 391.5 bln, Wojciechowski added.

Wojciechowski also said that the EU's plans to pay more attention to healthy food production and bio-diversity was a big opportunity for Polish agriculture. According to the commissioner, the fact that many Polish farmers were small landholders will make it easier for them to adjust to new bio-diversity demands.