Poland may enter G20 in 2029 - Polish Economic Institute

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors pose for a formal family photo during the G-20 meeting at IMF headquarters in Washington, DC, USA, 12 April 2019. G20/PAP/EPA

In an optimistic scenario, Poland will become a member of the G20 group in 2029, the Polish Economic Institute wrote in a report.

"According to the latest analyses of the International Monetary Fund, GDP in Poland will continue to grow over the next five years. This growth will oscillate around 3 pct annually, which is a slowdown compared to the last two years, when the GDP growth was around 5 pct annually," the report said.

The average of 2019 estimates and forecasts for the next five years places Poland ahead of the majority of developed countries, PIE experts added.

"We are even definitely ahead of the Czechs, a country which usually has better economic indicators. This will make Poland the 22nd largest economy in the world (currently 23rd) and bring it closer to the top 20 in nominal terms," PIE wrote.

"In a very optimistic scenario, Poland will enter the G20 already in 2029," the experts concluded.