Poland major beneficiary of EU's Juncker Plan

Poland has 58 approved projects under the European Fund for Strategic Investments, the finance minister said on Tuesday.

The fund is a central pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe, sometimes called the Juncker Plan, which focuses on strengthening European investments to create jobs and growth.

"In terms of the number of projects approved by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) we are fourth in the European Union," said Tadeusz Koscinski.

According to the Finance Ministry, the value of investments in Poland supported by the Juncker Plan may reach PLN 80 billion (EUR 17.75 billion) with the EFSI contribution reaching PLN 20 billion (EUR 4.4 billion).

Koscinski said that the Juncker Plan supports both large infrastructure investments as well as projects implemented by small and medium-sized enterprises.