Poland lifts restriction on wearing masks in open spaces from Saturday

Leszek Szymański/PAP

As of Saturday, Poles will not have to wear masks to cover their mouth and nose when out in public, provided they keep a two-metre distance between themselves It will still be mandatory to wear masks in shops, churches and on public transport.

Also, limits on the number of people in shops, at markets, post offices and restaurants, will no longer apply.

In addition, it will not be necessary to wear masks while walking on the street, in parks, parking lots or while riding a bike, provided that people practice social distancing.

Children up to the age of 13 who require parental care, people who live together, disabled persons and people who cover their their mouth and nose when out in public are excluded from the obligation to maintain a two-metre distance from each other.

It is still be mandatory, however, to wear masks in buses, trams, shops, cinemas, theatres, massage and tattoo parlours, churches and offices.

Masks do not not need to be worn at work places if the employer provides for adequate distances between workers and meets sanitary requirements.

Restaurant and bar customers are also dismissed from the obligation to wear masks while sitting at tables. In catering establishments, an adequate distance must be kept between tables, and sanitary guidelines must also be followed, including hand and table disinfection.