Poland lifts more lockdown restrictions after ‘containing’ killer virus

PM Morawiecki said Poland had “contained the disease, the coronavirus pandemic” better than most other countries in the world. Marcin Obara/PAP

The government has said it will further ease lockdown restrictions by opening fitness clubs, theatres and cinemas as well as scrapping the face mask requirement in open spaces.

Speaking on Wednesday, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said: ”Today we can strongly underline the fact, the data which in the clearest way show that we've contained the disease, the coronavirus pandemic, (and) in a much more efficient way than the richest countries, the richest countries in the world, the countries of Western Europe.”

From Saturday, Poles will no longer have to wear masks outside and indoors if social-distancing rules can be kept.

Fitness clubs will reopen from June 6th.Narendra Shresthra/PAP/EPA

People will still have to wear face masks on public transport and generally indoors wherever social distancing principles cannot be observed.

The limits of customers in shops and restaurants will be lifted from Saturday as well, but people will still have to wear masks, unless sitting at a restaurant table.

Fitness clubs, cinemas, theatres, operas and amusement parks, which have remained closed for two months, will open a week later, on June 6, but will have to follow a strict sanitary regime.

Only half of available seats can be occupied at cultural and entertainment venues, while those in attendance will be obliged to wear masks.

However, discos and clubs will remain closed.

Face masks will no longer be required in open spaces, although people travelling on public transport will still have to wear them.Giuseppe Lami/PAP/EPA

Hotels will be allowed to open their restaurants and bars from May 30 and pools, gyms and fitness clubs - from June 6, provided they observe the sanitary regime.

Beauty, massage and tattoo parlours will also be allowed to restart from June 6.

Fairs, exhibitions and congresses have also received the green light from the government.

The government is bringing back the possibility to gather outdoors from Saturday, but with a limit of 150 people. Participants must observe the 2-metre distancing rule or wear face masks.

Hotels will also be reopening their bars and restaurants from May 30th.Arek Markowicz/PAP

There will be no limits on the number of churchgoers present at services and the current limit of 50 people at a funeral will also be lifted from this Saturday. However, people will have to wear masks while in church.

Wedding services and family celebrations will be allowed for up to 150 people from June 6 with no face mask requirement.