Poland launches vaccination of 70+ senior citizens

Senior citizens over 70 started registering for a coronavirus vaccination from Friday, a week after people over 80 could sign up for a jab.

They can register online, by phone or in person in order to be able to get the vaccinations from Monday.

However, many found out early on Friday that there were no free vaccination slots available as the system had been hit by delays in the supply of vaccines to Poland.

Michal Dworczyk, the head of Poland's vaccination strategy, has said that with supplies provided in the frames of the EU vaccine distribution system Poland can vaccinate up to 3.1 million people by the end of March.

"More than 3 million people have either managed to register or are in the process of vaccination," he said, which means that "at the moment we do not have any vaccinations appointments available," he told a Sunday press conference.

At the same time he appealed to seniors to declare their will to be inoculated by phone, via the Internet or by sending a text message and wait for a consultant to call them back when appointment dates become available.

In Poland, after registration, patients receive a text message with confirmation of a visit and a reminder text one day before the planned vaccination date. A second jab is administered three to four weeks later at the same location.

People with mobility problems can request transport, to be organised by their municipalities, to the vaccination point.

Younger citizens can also declare their readiness to take the jab, although registration for the vaccination will not start for some time as several weeks are needed to vaccinate the most vulnerable groups.