Poland kicks off mass vaccination drive

Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

In this episode of the Debrief, our weekly news review and as Poland launches a mass vaccination drive against Covid-19, we speak to a medical professional about the implications of the pandemic.

In this week’s show, host John Beauchamp is joined in the studio by Dr Stefan Czarniecki, a medical professional working in Warsaw to talk about how Poland’s mass vaccination drive is going and how it compares to what’s going on globally.

In this week’s review:

Poland to consider legal steps against Pfizer if vaccines not delivered.

Polish clinic offers to take Pole ‘in a coma’ after UK court rules he should be left to die.

Trade to reopen from February 1, too early for reopening of other sectors.

Red hot chilli farmers: Lublin couple at forefront of Poland’s spicy food revolution.

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