Poland issues temporary residence permits to 200,000 non-EU nationals

About 200,000 non-EU nationals have valid temporary residence permits in Poland, the spokesman for the Office for Foreigners, Jakub Dudziak, has told PAP.

Ukrainians are the largest group of foreign nationals with temporary residence permits (138,000). They are followed by citizens of India (7,700), Vietnam (7,000), China (7,000) and Belarus (5,000).

Sixty-four percent of third-country nationals with temporary residence permits are people aged 20 to 39 and 23 percent are those aged 40 to 59, while people under 20 constitute 10 percent of this group.

About 64,000 of the non-EU nationals have chosen the Mazowieckie province as their temporary residence, Dudziak said.

In accordance with current regulations, a foreign national can apply for a temporary residence permit in Poland if there are circumstances justifying their residence for more than 3 months, like employment, studies or stays with family. A temporary residence permit may be issued for a maximum of three years.

Most of the permits issued are employment-related (65 percent), according to data from the Office for Foreigners.