Poland is third largest donor of military aid to Ukraine states BBC report

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

In terms of the biggest donors of military aid to Ukraine, Poland has committed the third highest amount, behind the US and the UK, according to an analysis published by the BBC on Friday.

Poland has committed to spending USD 1.81 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

The US has committed the highest amount, at USD 25.45 billion.

The UK is resolved to spend USD 2.53 billion, giving it second place.

The following positions on the list of countries that have committed aid to Ukraine, were taken by Germany (USD 1.48 billion), Canada (USD 0.8 billion), Norway (USD 0.48 billion) and the Czech Republic (USD 0.27 billion).

Several spots further down on the list were France, which placed thirteenth (USD 0.16 billion), and Italy, which was in the fifteenth spot (USD 0.11 billion).

Johnathan Beale, a BBC defence correspondent, said that the West had been relatively slow to respond to Ukraine's request for heavy weapons.

"In the early stages of the war there were concerns about provoking Russia, politicians also seriously underestimated the level of Ukrainian resistance," he noted. "Over time those attitudes have changed, though there are still questions about the west's resolve to keep supplying Ukraine with arms."

"For Ukraine, fighting for its life against overwhelming odd, numbers still matter and Ukraine still believes it's not getting enough weapons," Beale said. "At the very start of the war Ukraine appealed for more fighter jets, so far not one has been delivered."