Poland imposes 7-day quarantine on travellers from UK

Travellers from the United Kingdom to Poland will have to undergo a 7-day quarantine period unless they have a negative test result not older than a week, the Ministry of Health's spokesman has told PAP.

Wojciech Andrusiewicz said that a regulation in the matter had been signed on Tuesday by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and will be binding from Wednesday.

"A decision has been taken in the matter of quarantine for travellers coming from Great Britain intended to reduce the risk of transmitting the delta coronavirus variant from the affected area," Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said in a statement for PAP.

This means that additional restrictions will apply not only to people coming from India, Brazil or South Africa, but also from Great Britain. 

Minister Niedzielski clarified on Twitter later on Tuesday that the quarantine does not apply to fully vaccinated people. 

"Of course fully vaccinated people are not subject to mandatory quarantine," he tweeted. He added that the quarantine does apply to under-18s "There is no age-related exception," he wrote. 

According to Health Ministry data, so far 90 cases of the delta variant have been reported in Poland.