Poland, Hungary sign humanitarian aid memorandum

A Polish-Hungarian memorandum on cooperation in carrying humanitarian aid was signed on Monday in Budapest by Deputy Foreign Minister Pawel Jablonski and Hungary's Minister of State for aid to persecuted Christians Tristan Azbej.

Under the agreement both countries will work together in preparing humanitarian and development projects in various parts of the world. Planned among others are undertakings to curb poverty and develop infrastructure, as well as projects designed to lessen religious conflicts and promote religious tolerance, pluralism and human rights.

Jablonski said after the signing that the aid will go to repressed Christian communities in the Middle East, Africa, and some European countries.

He also announced a Polish-US-initiated ministerial conference on religious freedom in Warsaw in November, and said the initiative was strongly backed by the Hungarian government. He added that the conference will also issue an international appeal for material aid to persecuted Christians.

Referring to the memorandum, Jablonski said that hundreds of millions of people worldwide were persecuted for their religious beliefs daily, and called the memorandum proof that this was not being forgotten about.

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