Poland-Hungary cooperation exemplary - PM Morawiecki

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbanb and Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki Marcin Obara

Polish-Hungarian cooperation is developing in an exemplary way. We share an unequivocal stand on migration and have a very close stance on the EU's future budget, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said after Monday talks with his Hungarian counterpart, Viktor Orban.

Addressing a press in conference in Warsaw, Morawiecki said the talks had covered, among other issues, multi-annual financial frameworks in connection with EU budget negotiations.

The Polish PM noted that he had also discussed with Orban "very hot topics," including migration and refugees, which will be reviewed during Thursday's Western Balkans EU summit in Sofia. "Together with PM (Orban - PAP) we have an unequivocal Polish and Hungarian stand here. In this scope we have agreed on certain further steps regarding this issue."

In the Polish PM's opinion, the EU's proposals imposing refugee quotas strike "at the very pillars of state sovereignty." "Here, in this country, it we who decide who will be coming to Poland," declared Morawiecki, adding that if someone from Western Europe wants to receive refugees he is free to do so.

PM Viktor Orban noted that the question of migration and refugees is not a "tactical" but "most important" issue for Hungary. "National sovereignty is simply a principle matter (...)."

According to Orban, decisions regarding a solution to the migration crisis could be taken after next year's elections to the European Parliament. He noted that the present EP was elected before the outbreak of the crisis. "The question arises whether it would not be more reasonable and more democratic to wait for next year's EP elections, when voters, aware of the nature and the importance of the migration problem, will be deciding." According to PM Orban, migration is "the most important political issue" in the EU today.

The two PMs also discussed the future EU budget. "Our stands are very similar and we can say that they are getting ever closer as we know ever better how budget proposals within the multi-annual financial framework for 2020-2027 will look," said PM Morawiecki.

The Polish PM gave his assurance that both countries have "absolutely identical" stands on such issues as compensation of funds after Brexit, their own contributions and the EU's tasks, especially cohesion policy and the common agriculture policy.

"When we talk about the budget, we would want it to be oriented on the future," said Orban, adding that in reality old EU members benefit from the new. "They do not give us that money as a present. A great part of those funds returns back to those countries," he observed.

According to PM Morawiecki, a vital element of the Warsaw talks was the building of common infrastructure - the Via Carpathia, a road along Poland's eastern border to link the country with Slovakia, Hungary and further southern regions.

The parties also discussed external security, the situation in Ukraine, and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Morawiecki gave his assurance that both PMs share very close stands on these matters. "I am very glad that we have proven friends. I would also like to say that we are very constructive in our friendship, we want to be very positive towards our others friends and partners from the EU. I trust that our common policy aims in this direction," declared Mateusz Morawiecki, assessing that Polish-Hungarian cooperation is developing in an exemplary way.

Later in the day, the Hungarian PM met with Senate Speaker Stanisław Karczewski who congratulated Orban on his victory in recent general elections. Orban also held a separate meeting with Sejm (lower house) Speaker Marek Kuchciński.