Poland hosts over a million Ukrainian children, says minister

Andrzej Lange/PAP

The vast majority of Ukrainian refugees in Poland are women and children, the interior minister said on Friday, putting the number of displaced children at over a million.

Mariusz Kaminski told the TVP Info public TV channel that for about the last week the number of arrivals had fallen, though there are still around 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland who have fled their homeland since Russia invaded on February 24.

"Now about 20-30,000 are coming per day," Kaminski said.

"We are dealing with a very specific group of war refugees," he continued. "The vast majority are women and children.

"I think we already have about 1 million Ukrainian children in our country," the minister went on, adding that in most cases, their husbands and fathers were fighting Russian forces.

"A significant proportion of these refugees really hope the situation will unfold in a positive context and that in a few weeks or maybe a few months there will be a free and independent Ukraine," Kaminski told TVP Info.

He said around 300,000 Ukrainian refugees had travelled from Poland to the Czech Republic or Germany. "In the Czech Republic at the moment are around 250,000 refugees and about 300,000 in Germany," he said.