Poland hopes to boost export of agri-food products to UK after Brexit

Poland wants to maintain the growing importance of the UK as an export market for its agri-food products despite Brexit.

Although foreign trade suffered from disruption caused by the pandemic, in the first nine months of 2020 Polish agri-food exports to the UK rose in value to EUR 1.9 billion.

"Despite the pandemic, it was an increase of 6 percent (compared to last year - PAP),” Ryszard Bartosik, the deputy agriculture minister, said at a press conference. “We want this trend to continue. Great Britain is Poland's second trading partner after Germany. We hope that things will continue to look the same."

He went on to say that that Polish producers and exporters must prepare for a significant change to trading relations with Great Britain from 2021. The minister added it is not yet known what the export requirements will be, as negotiations between the EU and Great Britain still continue.

Bogdan Konopka, the chief veterinary officer, who also participated in the press conference, said that the UK is the second biggest export market for Polish poultry meat in Europe, and the fifth biggest market for pork and beef.

The UK, he added, is also Poland’s leading export destination for Polish yoghurts and buttermilk in Europe.