Poland holds talks with potential partners for planned airport hub

Rafał Guz/PAP

Talks are ongoing with Incheon airport in Seoul and Narita airport in Tokyo on potential cooperation during the planning stages of the Central Transportation Port (CPK), a major airport hub to be located in central Poland, acting CPK CEO Mikolaj Wild has told PAP.

The second round of talks with two Far East airports, held as part of the procedure for selecting a strategic advisor for the CPK, ended this week, Wild said.

"We assume that the selection of a strategic advisor and signing of the contract will take place at the turn of the third and fourth quarters of this year. Initially, the contract will be concluded for up to three years," he added.

Wild said that the strategic advisor is to provide operational and commercial knowledge in the field of effective management of a large airport hub, which is necessary at the stage of master plan development and design.

According to Wild, both Japan and South Korea have extensive experience in providing consulting in various parts of the world, as well as a lot to offer in the aviation and rail sectors, and in the field of smart city projects.