Poland has second lowest unemployment in EU - Eurostat

According to Eurostat, the unemployment level in Poland in November last year was 3.3 percent, giving Poland the second lowest unemployment rate in the EU.

The lowest unemployment figure in the EU was recorded by the Czech Republic, where unemployment stands at 2.9 percent.

The Netherlands placed third on 4 percent, followed by Germany with unemployment at 4.5 percent.

As Eurostat reported on Friday, the highest November unemployment figure was recorded in Spain, where it reached 16.4 percent. It was slightly lower in Greece - 16.1 percent. Third from the bottom was Lithuania with unemployment at 10.4 percent.

Eurostat data, calculated according to EU methodology, shows that the unemployment rate in the euro area in November, adjusted for seasonal factors, amounted to 8.3 percent and in the 27 EU countries it stood at 7.5 percent.