Poland has always been a tolerant country, says president


Poland has always been a tolerant country and to say that there have been LGBT-free zones in Poland is ‘nonsense and a lie,’ the president has said in an interview for a Lithuanian television channel.

President Andrzej Duda told LTR Television: "We have never had any kind of persecution. There has been persecution of people with sexual preferences, for example, in European Union countries, but not in Poland. In Poland, they were not persecuted and there has never been a law against such people. We have tolerance and have always had it."

Duda pointed out that the tolerance was based on the idea that "this is a person's private matter and a personal preference."

"Feel free - what is done in one's personal life, within the four wall of one's own home or apartment, is one's private matter," he added.

When asked about "LGBT-free zones" in Poland, he replied that "there has never been anything like this."

"A certain LGBT activist who was very radical and very aggressive, created such a campaign on the internet, misrepresenting reality. This is fake news," he pointed out.

"This is… slander against Poland. Nothing like this ever happened," said the president.