Poland gifts Laos Covid-19 vaccines

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Poland has given Laos 138,000 Covid vaccine doses, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday, explaining that the south-east Asian country is experiencing its highest Covid infection rate since the start of the pandemic.

The foreign ministry said in a press release that the gift was an expression of solidarity and the wish to assist the local healthcare system.

"The pandemic situation in Laos has worsened significantly in recent months; currently the most cases of Covid-19 infection are being recorded there since the start of the pandemic," the ministry wrote.

The foreign ministry went on to explain that the government of Laos had appealed to the international community for support for its vaccination programme.

It also gave its assurance that vaccine reserves in Poland were sufficient to cover national needs as well as donations to countries in need.

The ministry reported that in recent weeks, Covid vaccines from Poland have gone to Egypt, Vietnam, Taiwan, Kenya, Ukraine, Australia, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Rwanda and the Philippines.