Poland freezes int'l air traffic till June 6, domestic till end-May

Jacek Turczyk/PAP

Poland will extend the ban on international air connections until June 6, and on domestic flights until May 31, according to a draft regulation prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The current regulation of the Council of Ministers which entirely suspended flights will expire on May 23.

"Due to the epidemic in the Republic of Poland, it is necessary to extend the period of air traffic bans for a further 14 days for international flights and a further 8 days for domestic flights," reads the draft of the new regulation.

The ban regards landing at civil airports and airstrips by civil aircraft operating on international flights, excluding aircraft operating flights ordered by the prime minister, or other natural person or legal entity with up to 15 passenger seats as well as flights operated by foreign air carriers chartered by foreign states for the return of their citizens.

As for the domestic flight ban, exceptions are commercial flights transporting goods or mail and planes with up to 15 passenger seats that carry out commercial flights to pick up or leave passengers.

The draft provides that the regulation will enter into force on May 24, 2020. It now awaits the signature of the prime minister.