Poland fourth in EU for GDP growth per capita - EC

Poland is in fourth position in the European Union in terms of GDP growth per capita, according to data from the European Commission (EC), which compared the periods preceding two EU funding perspectives.

In parallel with the proposition of the future EU budget for 2021-27, the EC presented a series of analyses concerning the indicators taken into account for the allocation of EU funds. One of them concerns comparisons of GDP per capita of three-year periods: 2007-2009 and 2014-2016.

Economic data from the first of these periods served as a guideline for the current EU budget; data from the second period, according to the EC's preliminary conception, are to be used for the future budget.

The EC data show that the highest economic growth was recorded by Ireland, whose GDP per capita rose by 31 percentage points. Second place was taken by Lithuania, with 15 ppt, followed by Malta on 13 points and then Poland on 12 points. Romania (10 points), Latvia, Estonia and Slovakia (8), Germany (7) and Hungary (6) made up the top ten.

Over the same period, 11 countries recorded a drop in GDP per capita. The greatest recessions affected Greece (-26 ppt), Cyprus (-24), Spain (-12), Italy (-11) and Finland (-10). In addition, negative GDP was noted in the Netherlands (-9), Portugal (-5), Slovenia (-4), Croatia (-3) Sweden (-3) and France (-2).

With GDP growth per capita of 19 percentage points, the Mazowieckie province, home to the capital Warsaw, was the fastest growing region in Poland, coming in fifth place among EU regions, equal with Cologne and Hamburg.