Poland for opening business lobbying centre in Brussels

Poland's Entrepreneurship and Technology Ministry has expressed its support for the opening in Brussels of a business lobbying centre for Polish entrepreneurs.

The idea, dubbed the Business Poland House, is to raise the influence of Polish business on the EU legislature. Currently, its voice at the EU is barely heard.

"This is to be an impulse for greater activity and presence by Polish business people in Brussels," Deputy Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Marcin Ociepa has told PAP, adding that the aim is to create a new instrument allowing Polish companies to more efficiently protect their interests and gain new development opportunities.

"Polish businessmen should grow into being a more active presence in the EU, also in term of lobbying. The stronger the representation of Polish firms in the EU capital the more their voice will be heard," noted the minister.

Although the idea of setting up a lobbying centre came from the ministry, the technical side of the opening and financing of such an institution must solely rest in the hands of Polish companies. In this case, the leading role is to be played by the Warsaw Stock Exchange in cooperation with Treasury-owned companies. According to media reports not all state-owned companies are eager to join the project as they would have to earmark considerable sums for running the Business Poland House.

Already present in Brussels are, among others, representatives of the Union of Polish Banks, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers and the Polish Confederation Lewiatan.