Poland fears every scenario of Russia-Ukraine conflict is real

Poland and its allies consider many scenarios for the development of the situation in Ukraine, including an attempt to occupy its entire territory by Russia, the head of the National Security Bureau (BBN) has said.

"Looking at the hard numbers of troops gathered around Ukraine, many experts say that these numbers are insufficient for a full-scale conflict to occur, but the scenario... cannot be predicted one hundred percent before the start of operations," Pawel Soloch told the private TV broadcaster TVN24 on Saturday.

"An attempt to occupy the entire territory of Ukraine by the Russians is being taken into account by us and by our allies," he said.

Asked what must happen for President Andrzej Duda to recognise the need of talks with representatives of the opposition within the cross-party National Security Council, Soloch said: "Decisions are made by those who have access to information sources."

"Meetings with opposition leaders would have the purpose of communicating something or gaining political approval for some actions. At the moment, there is no such situation," the BBN head said.

He also said that Poland does not plan to send troops to Ukraine.

"It is out of the question," Soloch said.

"This is the allies' position, and this is also the position of the Ukrainian partners, who ask for support, but declare their readiness and will to defend themselves in the event of Russian aggression," he added.

Soloch went on to say that Poland is "taking into account" the possibility of sending military equipment to Ukraine but with the caveat that he "cannot share any specific information."

"If a decision is made, the public will be informed about it."

Commenting on the Friday reports of the British daily The Times that Britain is considering sending hundreds more troops to Ukraine's Nato neighbours to act as a "deterrent" to Russia, Soloch noted that US President Joe Biden had spoken about allied support but primarily in the context of the deployment of American troops.

"We are, of course, talking to our allies... if the situation requires it, such allied support will be given to us," he said.

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