Poland eyes nuclear power, high-speed rail cooperation with France

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

There are several areas of potential cooperation between Poland and France, including nuclear power and high speed railways, Polish government spokesman Piotr Mueller said on Tuesday.

Talking to a private TV broadcaster, Polsat News, about how Poland could improve relations with France after the current visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Warsaw, Mueller said that there is cooperation potential in several areas, including the economy.

"Both France and Poland have several (common - PAP) interests. One of them is definitely the issue of building a nuclear power plant. France is a tycoon in this area, over 70 percent of energy is obtained (from the atom)," the government spokesman said.

He added that no decisions have been made regarding Polish-French cooperation in this respect "because negotiations are ongoing with the Americans," and there were also talks with Japan about new technology for the construction of small nuclear reactors.

"Therefore, it is worth discussing in such a group in order to get a good price, but also to check the technology, because it is crucial," Mueller said.

According to him, high-speed rail could be another area of potential cooperation with France in the context of building the Central Transportation Port, designed to integrate air, rail and road transport in central Poland.

Talks on the matter were recently held with Japan, yesterday with France about their TGV trains, but no decisions have yet been made, Mueller added.