Poland expresses concern over East Jerusalem tensions

The Polish Foreign Ministry in a Monday statement expressed "deep concern" over the escalation of violence in East Jerusalem and urged both sides to reduce the tension.

Hundreds of people were hurt in clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters outside the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on Monday, during an Israeli holiday marking the capture of parts of the city in the 1967 Six-Day War.

"Poland is deeply concerned about the escalation of violence in East Jerusalem," the Polish ministry wrote in its statement. "We urge all sides to take immediate actions aimed at de-escalating the current situation and to refrain from confrontational rhetoric.

"We also condemn other acts of violence which took place in the past days, including ones in the area of the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank," the ministry went on to say.

Poland also expressed concern over "the risk of eviction of several Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah district."

The ministry called upon both sides to hold dialogue in order to resolve the conflict "on the basis of the two-state solution, in line with the internationally agreed parameters."