Poland exports EUR 34 bln of agri-food products in 2020 - ag. minister

Poland's export sales of agri-food products rose by 7 percent year on year, despite the pandemic, the agriculture minister has said.

"The entire agri-food sector achieved a previously unrecorded level of export (of goods - PAP) of EUR 34 billion or (...) above EUR 2 billion more than a year earlier," said the agriculture minister Grzegorz Puda on public television.

The results were bolstered not only by positive sales but also by beneficial exchange rates of the Polish zloty to the euro and the US dollar.

"Everything was conducive to a certain price competitiveness of Polish agri-food products in the international market," Puda said.

"Agriculture, like many other sectors, suffered during the pandemic," he added. "The closure of shops and hotels, above all restaurants, unfortunately, did not go unnoticed here."

At the same time, the pandemic had shown the market strength of small farms with short supply chains.

"Well-secured local markets are more dependable (...) in a time of crisis, like Covid-19,” said the minister. “And that's why it is necessary to rebuild Polish local food processing."

Puda also stressed that the crisis contributed to "consumer patriotism," as people began to appreciate Polish food.