Poland expels neo-Nazi Swede

The interior minister shared the Internal Security Agency's (ABW) concerns and decided to expel Anton T., a Swedish national, from Poland on security grounds, with immediate effect, spokesman for the special services coordinator has told PAP.

"The interior minister shared ABW's concerns related to Anton T.'s (name withheld under Polish law - PAP) presence in Poland and concluded that he poses a serious, real and ongoing threat to security and public order," Stanislaw Zaryn told PAP.

"The man is a member of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement which aims to create, through revolution, a North-European national socialistic republic," the spokesman said.

According to Zaryn, Anton T. was sentenced by a Swedish court to one and a half years in prison for complicity in attacks involving improvised explosive devices, including one against an asylum centre in Gothenburg.

Anton T. is said to have come to Poland for paramilitary training.

Since 2016, ABW facilitated expulsions of 14 people and named 26 other as undesirable.