Poland expects Biden's visit to herald enhanced Nato presence


Poland hopes that an expected visit by US President Joe Biden will result in an increased US presence in Poland, a speeding up of Polish purchases of US-made military equipment and a strengthening of Nato's eastern flank, a senior Polish presidential official has said.

Biden has confirmed recently he may pay a visit to Poland soon but has not specified any details.

Marcin Przydacz, head of the Polish president's International Policy Bureau, told the private TV broadcaster TVN24 on Monday that Biden's visit will go ahead but declined to elaborate on the issue.

Outlining Poland's expectations of the visit, Przydacz said that "we're expecting further support of Nato, including Poland, when it comes to the US military presence in Poland, and we're also expecting the speeding up of the purchase of military equipment."

The latter issue is related to Poland having handed over a significant amount of military equipment to Ukraine, according to Przydacz. "We want to purchase equipment that will make up for the shortages," he said, referring to Poland's plans to purchase Abrams tanks and Patriot air defence systems from the US.

Additionally, Poland expects "the strengthening of Nato presence on its eastern flank and the fast-tracking of Nato's response force," Przydacz said.