Poland drafts open letter to EC on Covid-19 vaccine contracts


According to PAP sources, Poland has submitted to interested EU member states a draft joint letter to the European Commission on the renegotiation of contracts for vaccines against Covid-19.

On the initiative of Poland, a videoconference was held on May 18 with the participation of EU health ministers on the renegotiation of contracts for Covid-19 vaccines. The meeting was attended by representatives of most EU Member States.

Poland's Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said that a dozen or so EU countries, like Poland, had expressed the desire to make vaccine contracts concluded by the European Commission more flexible.

In April, Niedzielski said that Poland had informed the EC and Pfizer that due to extraordinary circumstances related to the admission of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war to the territory of Poland, it refused to take further vaccines against Covid-19 and to make payments for them. Niedzielski added that Poland was "disappointed with both the attitude of the Commission and the producers," with the latter "showing no flexibility".

The EU countries supported the idea of preparing and signing a joint letter to the European Commission. The letter was prepared by the Polish Ministry of Health based on demands presented at the meeting.

Poland’s arguments for the changes included also the slowing down of the epidemic and the fact that producers were to provide newer, modified multivariate vaccines from the beginning of this year.