Poland did not ‘turn its back’ on Poles, Polish entrepreneurs – PM

Marcin Gadomski/PAP

Poland has allocated over EUR 42 billion to programmes that maintain jobs and safeguard the potential of Polish entrepreneurs, the prime minister claimed on Thursday.

Mateusz Morawiecki, during a visit to the village of Borcz, in northern Poland, told its inhabitants that the country's economy should expand rapidly because it is not hamstrung by economic problems, such as public debt and unemployment, that plague some Western European countries.

"There are countries in Europe that are richer than us, more affluent, yet, today, they are experiencing very serious problems and are not able to create new jobs at a pace that can absorb the growing unemployment," he said.

He noted that these were "substantial problems in countries such as Spain and Greece," and there was "slow economic growth and rapidly growing public debt, for example, in Spain and Portugal and France."

However, "Poland has one of the lowest levels of unemployment, it is creating jobs the fastest, creating new investments," said the prime minister.

This is because, Morawiecki claimed, "the Polish state did not turn its back on Polish entrepreneurs, Polish municipalities and provinces… nor on Polish citizens. Instead it allocated PLN 200 billion (EUR 42 billion) to help maintain jobs and safeguard the potential of Polish entrepreneurs."

The prime minister also underscored that the government had used the public finance system, and not European funds, to save jobs.

"The over PLN 200 billion … was money from the Polish state and the state budget," he added.